Facilities at Muktagiri

Accomodation & Other Facilities Available : 

Ample rooms with attached bath are available at very reasonable rates

For booking kindly send your detail travel plan in advance which will unable us to allot  proper accomodation. 

Vidya Sagar Bhawan – 16 Rooms (each with 2Rooms with attach Bathroom & Toilet along with 2 Bed  & extra mattresses

Dharamshala Opp. Manastambh  – 13 Rooms with Kitchen and attach Bathroom with western / Indian type Toilets along with 2 Bed  & extra mattresses

Shanti Nilayam –  21 Rooms with Attach Bathroom & Toilets. 2 Bed  & extra mattresses

Dormitory with Attach Bathroom (Newly Built) – 9 Nos.

Dharamshala – 20 Rooms.

Pravachan / Swadhaya Hall – Shri. Vidyasagar Bhawan is available 30 x 150 Ft.

Library – Small Library is available with various Jain literature.  

Dining Hall – Pure Jain Food is available.

All types of utensils, bed, pillow, LPG cylinder & other items are available.  Generator facility is available.