Reaching Muktagiri

 Muktagiri is very well accessible by road from Betul, Madhya Pradesh. Betul is just about 99 kilometres from the site. Tourists can hail public transport and travel to Muktagiri via NH 548C. The temple complex is also accessible by road from Paratwada, Amravati in Maharashtra which is just 18 kilometres from the site. Public transport is readily available from Amravati to reach Muktagiri via NH 548C.

By Road:

Buses & Taxis are available for Paratwada from Baitul Railway Station.
Buses are available for Muktagiri from Paratwada from timings 10:30 AM & 4:30 PM in the evening. On Paratwada-Baitul Road , the Muktagiri is situated 7 km away from Kharpi Village. The vehicles are always available from Kharpi & Paratwada. Private Travels Buses operate from Amravati & Akola three times a day. 


Nearest Railway Station:  Baitul Station – 100 km (Delhi- Nagpur Line),  Akot – 75 km (Jaipur-Kachiguda Line)
Badnera – 70 km (Hawara-Mumbai Line)

Airport: Nagpur – 200 km ,  Bhopal  – 300 km

 Nearby Places : Bhatkuli Jain – 80 km, Karanja – 120 km, Hill Station Chikhaldara– 40 km

Suggestions for safe traveling: If you are travelling in Maharashtra and reaching Muktagiri it is very safe & comfortable.  It is safe to reach  Kshetra before night while coming  from Baitul. 

Best time to visit Muktagiri

The best time to visit Muktagiri is between July and February. Between July and September, the region receives an average annual rainfall of about 1,300 mm, however, the natural vegetation on the hills surrounding Muktagiri are lush green making it a mesmerizing trekking destination.