About Muktagiri :  Muktagiri Siddha Kshetra is situated in the lap of the ‘Satpuda’ Mountain range and it is surrounded by beautiful natural vegetation. It is ancient Siddha & Atishaya Kshetra. Its another name is also ‘Mendhagiri’ or ‘ Medhrgiri’. According to “Prakrit Nirvan Kand” and other texts, Muktagiri is place of attainment of Nirvan. About 3 & half crores of ‘Muniraj’ (Saints) have done meditation and attained salvation from here.
The Samavsharan of 10th Teerthankar Bhagwan Sheetalnath also arrived here and so it became sacred by footsteps of Bhagwan Sheetalnath.
Many miracles do happen here from time to time. This Kshetra is quite ancient and according to inscription on ‘ palate of copper’ (Tamrapatra) got from Achalpur; the ‘Guha (Cave) Mandir’ was  constructed on this hill by the emperor of Magadh ‘Shrenik Bimbasar’. King ‘Shrenik’ was the contemporary of Bhagwan Mahaveer about 2500 years ago.
After Shrenik, about 1000 years ago from today King ‘Ail Shripal’ of Elichpur (Achalpur) developed this Kshetra. Thus Muktagiri became famous Teerth Kshetra at that time. Many temples and idols were reverenced by him. Many idols were got carved artistically by King Ail Shripal at Muktagiri like Antariksha Parshvanath & Ellora and the cave temples were also got constructed by  him. As per the records available at Muktagiri Sansthan, the entire Temples and Dharamshala was maintained  and managed since

200 years by Kalamkar Family residing at Sultanpur (Achalpur).   In 1923 Late. Shri. Nathusa Pasusa Kalamkar purchased the entire range of Satpuda Hill along with 52 Digambar Jain Temples from Mr. Khaparde who was holding the malgujari and collecting a surcharge from Jain devotee’s coming for worship.  Then Nathusa Pasusa build Dharamshala and Mahavir Temple on the foothill of the holy place.  In 1956 the public trust was formed and till today the entire management is looked after by Kalamkar Family.  This holy place has given a complete face-lift after 1980 when 108 Shri. Vidyasagar Maharaj completed a chaturmas at “Muktagiri”.

How this place was named as  ‘Muktagiri’: –
It is said that at the time when Samavsharan of 10th Teerthankar Bhagwan Sheetalnath arrived here, there was shower of pearls (Moti, Mukta). It is because of this shower of pearls the name of this holy place became Muktagiri.

The secret behind the name – ‘Mendhagiri’: –
It is said that in ancient times one Muniraj was engrossed in meditation & Tapa near waterfall. At that time one Mendha (male sheep – Lamb), which came near waterfall  slipped and fell near Muniraj. The Muniraj recited ‘Namokar Mantra’ to the dying Mendha. As a result of recitation of ‘Namokar Mantra’, Mendha attained eternity & peace and became Dev. This Dev showered pearls on this hill. As the Mendha attained eternity here so name of this place became ‘Mendhagiri’ and due to shower of pearls it became ‘Muktagiri’. Even today the shower of saffron takes place on the hill at Ashtami, Chaturdashi & Poornima.