Holy and sacred Digambar Jain Siddhakshetra Muktagiri is most revered and worshipped kshetra for Digambar Jains. All the Jina mandirs, Jina Idols and Jina Conduct are made and developed by the Digambari Jains. This property is the heritage solely of the Digambar Jains and will continue to be so.

Divine wealth and pious heritage of the Digambar Jain tradition and culture has flourished here since ages . The Digambar Jains have enriched themselves by the faith and worship of this holy kshetra and will continue to do so. The  management  of the kshetra and the right to manage entirely rest in the hands of Digambar Jain kshetra committee.

So it is the pious responsibility of the Digambari Jains to provide adequate funds for the management and development of this Siddhakshetra very generously.




1 Deluxe  Room               Rs. 300001.00 per room
2 Renovation /Alteration in old room Rs.  50001.00 per room
3 Temple renovation on hill             Rs.  21001.00 per temple
4 Glass enclosure for every altar in every temple on Mountain for security Rs. 5001.00   per temple
5 Ralling for staircase for temple no 32-35               Rs. 300001.00
6 Shed in front of Shri Adinath Temple Rs. 150000.00
7 Documentry Hall interior and Audio Video Rs. 300000.00
8 Audio system for Temple & Vidyasagar Bhawan Rs. 300000.00
9 Solar Water heater system Rs. 100000.00
10 Akhand Jyot in Mulnayak mandir (temple no 26) Rs. 1111.00*
11 Shashwat Pujan Fixed Fund Rs. 501.00*
12 Daily Donation scheme ..(Prati varsh Vikas Akshay Fund)  Rs. 5.00 / Rs. 10.00 per day donation in the  remembrance of loved member of family Rs. 1825.00 annually, Rs. 3650.00 annually
13 Ahardan for Tyagii Rs.  501.00
14 Donation towards Medicine for needy Rs.  501.00

Terms & Condition :

All donation are accepted & utilised strictly as per Digambar Jain sect.

For any query regarding donation kindly contact us.

Donation will be excepted only by NEFT/RTGS or cheque

Shri Digambar Jain Siddhakshetra  Muktagiri                                  

Bank of India 
Jaisthambh branch Amravati 
Saving Ac no 967510100005711
IFSC Code BKID0009675                                                                      


Rasik plaza, Jay stambh Square, Amravati 444601
Current a/c no 50200032365261
IFSC Code HDFC0000257

To send donations to Muktagiri Siddhakshetra please scan follwing QR code with any UPI Payment App, Wallate app, Bank App etc. आपना योगदान मुक्तागिरी सिद्धक्षेत्र भेजने हेतू नीचे दिया क्यूआर कोड स्कॅन किजिये. आप कोइभी यूपीआय , बँक , वॉलेट app से ऑनलाइन योगदान भेज सकते है


*In this scheme Pooja/ Akhand jyoti  will be performed on particular mentioned day decided by the donar.